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  • MaxLytvyak.com is a regularly updated and honest resource for anyone who wants to turn their passion into a 6-figure online business.
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  • Whether you plan to start a blog, promote your Instagram account, or create an e-learning course – I’ve got you covered!

Here you’ll discover invaluable tutorials, brutally honest software and gear reviews, eye-opening statistics and trend analyses, along with proven strategies to turbocharge your business development.

How it all got started!

I started this blog in January 2023, as a place to share my skills, knowledge, and experience. And I’m gonna grow it into a go-to resource for both bloggers and digital content creators.

Here are some quick facts about me:

  • During my University years, I created my first website as a hobby. It was an unofficial resource of my alma mater.
  • Apart from being a blogger, I’m also a business development manager working for one of the leading international IT companies.
  • I have degrees in International Management and Civil Law.

Since 2008, I’ve learned a lot about SEO and online marketing. And now, I’m sharing everything I know to help you build and grow profitable websites that attract traffic.

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