Google Podcasts Stats 2023: The Ultimate Audience Guide

Google Podcasts Stats

Eager to get the inside scoop on the podcasting world’s new frontier? You’ve landed in the right place! In this guide, we’re peeling back the layers on Google Podcasts stats that are sure to make your ears perk up. From listener demographics to trending content—this is your one-stop resource for all things Google Podcasts. Trust us, whether you’re a podcast creator or a die-hard listener, these statistics are too juicy to skip. Let’s dive in!

Google Podcasts is Google’s most recent platform dedicated to podcast distribution. Unlike its predecessors, Google Listen and Google Play Music, which also featured podcast capabilities, Google Podcasts specializes in offering an easy-to-use platform for content creators to upload their shows, thereby reaching a wide and growing listener base.

Understanding Google Podcasts: What Exactly Is It?

Curious about what Google Podcasts actually is and how it functions? Allow me to demystify it for you. Unlike a podcast host that stores audio files, Google Podcasts serves as a directory. When you perform a Google search that churns out podcast results, clicking those tantalizing links will navigate you directly to the Google Podcasts interface.

The platform’s own Manager site sums it up perfectly: “Google Podcasts is the ultimate hub for discovering and enjoying podcasts. With tailored recommendations and a vast array of popular episodes and categories like comedy or science fiction, it’s never been easier to find content that suits your taste or mood.”

But hold on—what if you want to be the creator rather than just a listener? You can indeed publish your podcast through Google Podcasts. However, you’ll first need to cozy up with a podcast hosting provider—a separate service where your audio files will be stored and served to your eager audience.

Renowned podcast hosting services like Spotify for Podcasters, Buzzsprout, Podbean, Libsyn, and Transistor are popular choices for storing your audio files. Once you’ve selected your host and set up an account, it’s time to upload your audio masterpieces and get that RSS feed rolling.

To get your podcast listed on Google Podcasts, you’ll need to submit it for a review process. Once approved, you’ll manage everything from the dedicated Google Podcasts Manager portal.

In this blog post, we’re diving deep into Google Podcasts stats, aiming to paint a detailed picture of where this platform stands when pitted against the podcasting giants: Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The Podcast Platform Arena: Where Does Google Podcasts Stand?

While Spotify and Apple Podcasts dominate the podcasting landscape, they’re not the only players in the game. As of September 2022, Apple Podcasts leads the pack with over 47 million downloads, capturing roughly 39.3% of the global podcast audience (refer to our ‘Podcast Stats‘ article for more in-depth data).

Hot on Apple’s heels is Spotify, boasting around 31.9 million downloads and a 26.6% share of podcast listeners. This leaves a remaining 34% of the audience dispersed across other podcast platforms and apps.

In this mixed bag, Google Podcasts makes up a modest 2.5% of the podcast listening market, even trailing behind web browsers as a preferred medium. One contributing factor could be that 30% of new podcast aficionados initially scour the web to discover fresh shows.

The Growing Audience: Who’s Tuning Into Google Podcasts?

As of 2022, the podcast phenomenon is sweeping the nation—62% of Americans aged 12 and up have tuned into a podcast, and an impressive 79% are familiar with the term ‘podcast.’ Regular podcast consumption isn’t a niche hobby anymore; in the U.S., a third of the population listens consistently, and 38% of those over age 12 will tune in at least once a month.

Google Podcasts has not been left behind in this surge of popularity. The platform surpassed 100 million installs in 2021, a milestone it achieved within just three years of its 2018 launch. This growth spurt occurred less than five months after reaching 50 million installs.

It’s worth noting that Google Podcasts has achieved this level of user engagement despite being a free, relatively feature-limited platform when compared to its heavyweight competitors. This growth is not just a testament to the exploding popularity of podcasts as a medium; it also reflects Google Podcasts’ ongoing enhancements and refinements, both within the mobile app and its web version.

Device Preferences: How Are People Accessing Google Podcasts?

Google Podcast Stats

In the vast ecosystem of devices, Google Podcasts is far from being limited to Android phones. It’s also compatible with Apple phones running iOS 12 or later and basically any gadget with web access. If smart speakers are your thing, you’ll be pleased to know Google Podcasts works seamlessly with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Echo devices. For those more desktop-inclined, the platform is accessible via web browsers on both Mac and PC. Not to be left out, ChromeOS, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay also support Google Podcasts.

According to Google Podcasts stats, a striking 73% of American podcast aficionados prefer to use their smartphones for their podcast fix, leaving a mere 13% who tune in via desktop or laptop. And this smartphone-centric trend isn’t static; the number of mobile podcast consumers has been on the rise since the outset of 2021.

Diverse Offerings: What Can You Listen to on Google Podcasts?

Even though Google Podcasts may trail behind in the download game, accounting for only 2.9% of overall downloads, it comes pre-installed on a plethora of devices. That’s not just a feature; it’s a shortcut to a world of audio content. Add to that its seamless integration with Google Assistant and Google Home, and you’ve got a podcast platform that’s practically begging you to give voice commands like ‘play,’ ‘pause,’ or ‘find me something hilarious.’

But what about the podcast library, you ask? Well, Google Podcasts stats reveal that the platform is far from short on content. It not only hosts popular shows like ‘This American Life’ and ‘The Daily,’ but also boasts an extensive selection of over 500 sub-topics. A virtual smorgasbord of podcasting goodness! And if your favorite show is missing? No problem. You can manually add it by plugging in the show’s RSS feed.

Marketing Marvels: How Podcasts Are Shaping Consumer Behavior

Google Podcasts Statistics

Marketers, listen up! Podcasts aren’t just for the content-hungry masses—they’re a goldmine for brand exposure, too. Google Podcasts stats show that about 69% of listeners have discovered new products or services through podcast ads. That’s almost 7 out of 10 listeners! And it gets better: 38% have actually made purchases based on these mentions. Podcasting isn’t the new kid on the block anymore; it’s moved up the ranks to become a mainstream marketing channel.

The numbers speak for themselves. The podcast industry is expected to rake in more than $2 billion by 2023, with ad revenue already hitting the $842 million mark. And guess who’s investing big bucks? Health and wellness sectors, as well as home and appliance businesses, are leading the charge in podcast advertising. So if you’re not considering podcasts in your marketing strategy, you might want to give it another thought.

The Podcast Platform Showdown: Google Podcasts vs Spotify

In the ever-evolving world of podcast platforms, Google Podcasts offers users a no-frills, straightforward experience. While it may lack Spotify’s exclusive content, it compensates with user-friendly features like adjustable playback speed. On the flip side, Spotify commands attention with its hefty 25% listener base and a staggering 355 million monthly users. Nearly half of these are premium subscribers, making Spotify a powerhouse in the online music scene with a 32% market share in 2021 (refer to our ‘Spotify Podcast Statistics‘ article for more in-depth data).

Battle of the Tech Giants: Google Podcasts vs Apple Podcasts

The rivalry continues, but this time it’s Google Podcasts vs Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts have made strides in compatibility, now accommodating Apple devices with iOS 12 or later. This opens the door for listeners to easily switch between the two platforms. Google Podcasts keep it simple with a straightforward layout, categorizing shows into ‘New Episodes,’ ‘In Progress,’ and ‘Downloads.’ Apple Podcasts, although boasting the second-highest number of listeners at 28.5 million, has seen its market share slip from 34% in 2018 to 24% in 2021.

Podcasting: A Look into the Crystal Ball

The future looks bright for podcasting, with industry gurus forecasting continued expansion. The fastest-growing demographic? Americans who are 55 and older. Projections indicate that the total number of podcast listeners will skyrocket to over 160 million by 2023. Looking a year further down the line, the United States alone is expected to house 100 million podcast aficionados, up from the current 75.9 million. Reflecting on the past three years, the podcast listener community has swelled by an impressive 29.5%.

Wrapping Up Our Deep Dive into Google Podcasts Stats

The data speaks for itself: Podcasting is shedding its once-niche status to become a mainstream juggernaut. With platforms like Google Podcasts contributing to the mix, the landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving. We trust this Google Podcasts stats guide has illuminated the terrain for you, whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a curious newbie.