Mangools Review 2023: A Worthy Investment for a 5-in-1 SEO Toolkit?

Mangools SEO Tools Review

Are you looking to gain an edge in the competitive landscape of SEO? Eager to understand your competitors’ strategies and their backlink sources? Want to identify your ranking keywords and fine-tune your optimization efforts? This comprehensive review of Mangools’ “5-in-1” SEO suite⇣, inclusive of KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner & SiteProfiler, offers all the insights you need.

Premium SEO platforms were once an exclusive privilege of large corporations with deep pockets.

For most bloggers, the mere thought of shelling out more than $100 per month on these tools seems overwhelming.

While it’s undeniable that high-priced tools offer a plethora of functionalities, they often lie beyond the affordability range and necessity scope of bloggers and small businesses.

For over three years, I’ve been relying on a cost-effective set of tools by Mangools.

In this unabridged review, I’ll delve into the pros and cons of Mangools’ 5-in-1 SEO toolbox.

Mangools Review

So what is Mangools? As mentioned before, Mangools is a comprehensive suite of SEO tools.

Unlike its pricier counterparts like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush, Mangools’ SEO software offers an affordable solution for bloggers and small-scale businesses.

(Notably, the base plans for Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush start at $99/month)

In stark contrast, Mangools’ plans initiate at a mere $29 per month. Unlike other high-end SEO tools, even the most basic plan comes loaded with all premium features.

Mangools Review: plans & prices

Most high-priced SEO platforms restrict the feature accessibility in their basic plans, essentially transforming them into trial versions.

Mangools, however, ensures unrestricted access to all features, even within its most economical plan.

Mangools isn’t a singular SEO tool but a complete collection of five SEO tools.

With the Mangools SEO toolkit, you gain access to 5 distinct SEO tools:

  • KWFinder, a keyword research tool, assists in identifying the most suitable keywords for your site and content. Each keyword search yields hundreds of suggestions.
  • SERPChecker, a SERP analysis tool, lets you view the site’s ranking for your targeted keywords across various global locations, inclusive of mobile rankings.
  • SERPWatcher, a keyword rank tracking tool, enables you to monitor your keyword rankings within search results.
  • LinkMiner, a backlink analysis tool, aids in examining your competitors’ backlink profiles and finding link-building opportunities.
  • SiteProfiler, a website analysis tool, offers a comprehensive overview of your competitors’ websites.

Mangools is the quintessential all-in-one SEO software to consider if you wish to achieve SEO triumph.

1. KWFinder Review (Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis Tool)

Mangools Review: KWFinder keyword research tool dashboard
  • Website Link:
  • What is KWFinder: It’s an SEO-focused keyword discovery tool.
  • Number of keyword searches per day: Ranges from 100 to 1200
  • Number of keyword suggestions per search: Varies between 200 and 700

KWFinder plays a critical role in unearthing the most suitable keywords for your site and its content, surpassing the offerings of many other keyword tools.

If you’re a Google Keyword Planner user for your keyword investigations, prepare to be amazed by the capabilities of KWFinder as I was when I initially began using it.

KWFinder provides comprehensive insights for each keyword including Trends, Search Volume, Cost per Click, Pay per Click, and Keyword SEO Difficulty.

3 Types of Keyword Reports from KWFinder (Mangools Review)

Diverging from many keyword research tools, it presents three categories of keywords, namely Related keywords, Autocomplete, and Questions:

KWFinder keyword categories

The Related keywords feature supplies you with keyword suggestions, akin to what other tools offer. Just enter a keyword and you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of keyword suggestions and variations of your chosen keyword:

Related keywords option

The Autocomplete feature provides autocomplete data derived from Google searches. This aids you in discovering the actual keywords employed by people during their searches:

Autocomplete option

The Questions feature recommends questions that people are posing related to your target keyword. These questions can assist you in further honing your content and also give you direction in your content strategy:

Questions option

Rather than writing an article and subsequently cramming keywords into it, it would be more beneficial to start by researching the questions that people are posing and then sculpt your content around those questions. This approach allows for a more organic integration of long-tail keywords into your content.

What sets KWFinder apart from other keyword tools is its capability to display crucial details about the target keyword, the websites that are ranking for the keyword, and each individual keyword suggestion on the side:

Keyword information

KWFinder further differentiates itself from its competitors through the Filter feature:

Results filter option

This feature enables you to filter the keyword suggestions based on the minimum and maximum Search Volume, CPC, PPC, word count, etc. In essence, it helps you distinguish the winning keywords from the not-so-great ones without having to tediously sift through hundreds of similar keywords.

KWFinder is a substantial upgrade from free keyword tools out there and holds the crown as the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner.

So why don’t you give it a whirl?

This KWFinder review encapsulates almost everything, but for more information, you can visit

2. SERPChecker Review (The Google SERP Analysis Tool)

Mangools Review: SERPChecker Google SERP Analysis Tool
  • Website Link:
  • What is SERPChecker: It’s an analytical tool for Google SERP
  • Number of SERP lookups per 24 hours: Ranging from 100 to 1200

Imagine performing a Google search using a particular keyword. The results you see are customized by Google’s algorithm based on your preferences and history. Interestingly, the search results for the exact keyword can significantly vary for other users, and this holds for the keywords you’re aiming to rank for.

SERPChecker steps in as a valuable tool that unveils what the majority of users are likely to see when they search for a specific keyword.

Before you embark on your quest to rank for a keyword, you need a clear understanding of your competition. SERPChecker doesn’t merely provide you with insights into how many people rank for your target keyword but also reveals the potential difficulty of achieving a high rank for it.

SERPChecker SEO Metrics (Mangools Review)

Upon entering any keyword, you are presented with a difficulty score drawn from various metrics like the average number of links and domain authority. But the perks don’t end there. You also gain access to SEO metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, CF, TF, and Referring Domains for each page ranking for your target keyword.

This offers a broad perspective on the number of links you might need to secure a high rank for your target keyword. I find it useful to observe the number of referring domains the top five results possess. Essentially, I aim to gather at least an average of those referring domains to my site to achieve a competitive rank for the keyword.

Pro Tip: The quantity of referring domains to a page/site carries more weight than the number of backlinks. Google favors pages that accrue many links from a diverse range of websites.

One of the standout features of SERPChecker is the level of detail it provides for every keyword you research. This tool informs you if there’s a knowledge box or featured snippet showcased at the top of the search results page or a stories box:

featured snippet

It also illustrates the estimated percentage of clicks the search results might be securing. It gives an estimate of how many clicks you might receive if you ranked in that specific position:

average CTR

With SERPChecker, you’re not limited to examining search results from your own country. You can explore what the search results would look like in other countries and how they would appear on mobile devices:

search field

You also have the option to preview what the search results might look like for your selected country and device type:

SERP snapshot by SERPChecker

Some More SERPChecker Capabilities

Thanks to Mangools’ incorporation of a backlink analysis tool, you can effortlessly analyze the backlinks of each search result with just a few clicks.

And the functionality of this tool doesn’t stop there.

You can also juxtapose your site’s ranking with the other sites that rank on the search results page:

website comparison in Mangools SERPChecker

Once you input your site URL in the comparison box, you can observe how your site measures up against other sites on the page.

You also have the liberty to select what metrics you want to see for each result:

Mangools SERPChecker SEO Metrics Settings

There’s a wide selection of dozens of metrics you can choose from.

SERPChecker reigns supreme in my book! I never venture to rank for a keyword without consulting this tool.

Give it a try now!

This SERPChecker review encapsulates nearly everything, but for more detailed information, you can visit

3. SERPWatcher Review (Keyword Rank Monitoring Tool)

Mangools SERPWatcher Review
  • Website Link:
  • What is SERPWatcher: A tool dedicated to keyword rank tracking
  • Number of keywords tracked: Ranges from 200 to 1500
  • Number of domains tracked: Limitless
  • Frequency of keyword rank updates: Daily

Being an SEO professional, it’s essential to keep tabs on the ranking position of your target keywords. If you don’t measure fluctuations, you’ll be in the dark about what needs refinement or modification in your strategy.

If your focus is solely on one keyword, a daily check-up in your browser will suffice. But, what about when you’re striving to rank for multiple keywords?

How do you monitor your current position and the strides you’ve made?

This is where SERPWatcher steps in.

As the name implies, SERPWatcher is your watchdog for keyword rankings, keeping a close eye on how your website is performing.

On the SERPWatcher dashboard, you can swiftly attain an overall perspective of how your websites are fairing:

SERPWatcher Trackings

While it’s crucial to determine if your efforts are reaping benefits, it’s equally significant to stay informed when your website drops a rank or two for a target keyword. By adding your website to the tracker, you get a clear picture of your standing for all the keywords you’re aiming to rank for.

SERPWatcher’s utility extends beyond merely providing a list of keywords you’re attempting to rank for and their corresponding positions. Instead, it offers more.

SERPWatcher Capabilities (Mangools Review)

The sidebar divulges fascinating details about your website’s performance. This information does more than provide a superficial understanding of your site’s standing in search results – it clearly indicates areas of focus.

For instance, you can track your site’s Performance Index changes over time. It’s a unique metric devised by Mangools that informs you about the organic traffic share of your site considering the current keywords you are ranking for:

Performance Index

You also get a glimpse of the most substantial changes that have occurred in your search engine rankings:

Top gainers and top loosers

This instant snapshot helps you understand which keywords are losing ranks and which ones are rapidly ascending. Once I identify the keywords making gains, I double down on them, utilizing the momentum to ascend faster.

You can also estimate the potential clicks you might receive based on your current keyword ranking positions:

Estimated website visits

Additionally, the tool provides a brief overview of all your keywords:

Keyword position flow in Mangools SERPWatcher

Moreover, SERPWatcher gives us data on keyword position distribution:

Keyword position distribution

SERPWatcher is my preferred keyword rank monitoring tool that offers critical data, all consolidated on one screen.

This SERPWatcher review covers the vast majority of features, but for a deeper understanding, you can visit

You can also read this article on the 3 best (in my opinion) Google ranking software tools.

4. LinkMiner Review (Outstanding Backlink Analysis Solution)

Mangools LinkMiner Dashboard Review
  • Website Link:
  • What is LinkMiner: It serves as a tool for backlink analysis
  • Number of backlink rows analyzed daily: Varies from 2000 to 15000

Emulating my competition’s backlink strategies is an SEO approach I highly favor. It provides me with a well-structured plan that guarantees improved Search Engine traffic.

LinkMiner empowers you to identify not only the pages linking back to your competitors but also the links they have unfortunately lost.

LinkMiner Features (Mangools Review)

When you input a URL into LinkMiner, it displays all the links that the page has accumulated from across the web:

LinkMiner backlinks search

You can also view all backlinks directed to the root domain by simply clicking on the “Change to root domain” link located in the top right corner:

change to root domain

For every domain and page you scrutinize, all essential metrics such as Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Referring Domains are conveniently displayed in one place:

backlink metrics

LinkMiner also facilitates backlink filtration based on metrics such as Link Strength, Citation Flow, Website Popularity Rank, and so on:

LinkMiner filtering

Pro Tip: A majority of your competitor’s links might not carry much value from the perspective of search engines. With the filter, you can sort backlinks based on Link Strength or Citation Flow, metrics that indicate the page authority of a page.

You also have the option to view the pages rendered in the sidebar, and identify where the link is positioned on the page if you click on the link:

Page preview in Mangools LinkMiner

You can additionally identify the links that your competitors have lost. This opens up the opportunity for you to connect with the owners of the websites with lost links and request a link directed to your site.

You can also employ this tool to identify any lost links of your own:

Gained and lost backlinks

Should you wish to further delve into link analysis, you can export the links to CSV for viewing on Excel or Google Sheets:

Export backlinks

With LinkMiner, all it takes is to discover my competitor’s backlinks, and then make an outreach to the linking website to gain one for my site.

Life is short so give it a shot! 🙂

This LinkMiner review covers the basics. For more comprehensive information, head over to

5. SiteProfiler Review (Powerful Website Analysis Tool)

Mangools SiteProfiler Review
  • Website Link:
  • What is SiteProfiler: A comprehensive website analysis tool
  • Number of site lookups per 24 hours: 20 to 150

With SiteProfiler, you gain access to valuable insights about your competitors’ websites as well as your own.

SiteProfiler Features (Mangools Review)

This powerful tool provides a quick profile overview, offering a comprehensive analysis of important domain authority metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, and Trust Flow, all in one convenient place:

Mangools Review: SiteProfiler domain authority metrics

Additionally, SiteProfiler presents detailed graphs that showcase Website Popularity Rank, Referring IPs, and Facebook Shares, providing you with a holistic view of a website’s online presence:

SiteProfiler website insights graphs

Furthermore, the Total Backlinks graph gives you a visual representation of the backlink profile:

Mangools Review: SiteProfiler total backlinks graph

One of the standout features of SiteProfiler is the Anchor Texts box. It provides an in-depth view of the anchor texts utilized by your competitors. Understanding and strategizing your anchor text usage is crucial for outperforming your competition.

By analyzing the anchor texts common in your niche, you can optimize your own content and improve your search engine rankings:

Mangools Review: anchor texts box in SiteProfiler

In addition to anchor texts, SiteProfiler allows you to quickly explore your competitors’ top-performing content sorted by Facebook shares and referring domains. This information can provide valuable insights into their content strategy and engagement:

Website's top-performing content analysis in SiteProfiler

Furthermore, SiteProfiler offers other essential details about your competitors, such as Link Type Distribution, Dofollow Links Ratio, and Active Links Ratio, which provide a deeper understanding of their backlink profile:

Mangools Review: link type distribution in SiteProfiler

With its comprehensive SEO metrics and actionable insights, SiteProfiler empowers you to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge in the online landscape.

For more information about SiteProfiler, visit

Introducing Mangools Free SEO Browser Extension: Enhance Your Research Effortlessly

Mangools SEO Extension

As a bonus, Mangools provides a complimentary browser extension compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox. This handy tool offers comprehensive insights right at your fingertips, eliminating the need to repeatedly navigate to the Mangools site for competitor research. With just a click of the extension button in your browser, you can access almost all the details about a page or website.

SEO extension for Chrome and Firefox by Mangools

One of the standout features of this extension is the convenient context menu that appears when you right-click. Gone are the days of copying keywords and opening KWFinder separately. Now, you can simply select a keyword on the page, right-click, and choose the KWFinder link to instantly explore its potential:

Mangools Review: web browser SEO extension

Analyzing links is equally effortless. By right-clicking on a link, you can quickly view the links to analyze it directly in Mangools. This streamlined process saves you valuable time and boosts your research efficiency:

Mangools Review: right-click to analyze links

To take advantage of this invaluable tool and download the free SEO browser extension, visit Experience seamless research like never before.

Mangools Review: Pros and Cons

Mangools comes with a range of advantages that set it apart from other SEO tools. Here are some of its pros:

  • Suite of Tools: With Mangools, you get access to five powerful SEO tools in one package, providing excellent value for money.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research: Mangools offers more keyword research options compared to other tools. Its flagship tool, KWFinder, is a significant upgrade from Google Keyword Planner, helping you uncover valuable keywords for your website.
  • Competitor Analysis: SiteProfiler provides a detailed profile of your competitors’ websites, allowing you to gain valuable insights into their strategies and performance.
  • Affordability: Mangools offers competitive pricing, making it more affordable compared to other popular SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush.
  • Efficient Rank Tracking: Mangools includes a rank tracker that automates the process of monitoring your website’s performance for target keywords. You can easily track keyword rankings without the need to manually add each keyword.

While Mangools offers a comprehensive suite of features, there are a few limitations to consider:

  • Agency Dashboard: Unlike some other SEO tools, Mangools doesn’t provide a dedicated dashboard for managing clients in its agency plan. However, if you’re not running an agency, this may not be a concern for you.
  • Database Size: As a relatively newer player in the market, Mangools’ link database might not be as extensive as those of more established tools like Ahrefs and Majestic. However, it continues to grow and provide valuable insights.

Overall, Mangools is a powerful SEO toolset that offers great value for individuals, small businesses, and SEO enthusiasts. While it may have certain limitations, its affordability and comprehensive features make it a worthy choice for improving your website’s search engine optimization efforts. In my opinion, Mangools is the most optimal choice for SEO tools.

Mangools Review: FAQ

What is Mangools?

Mangools is a comprehensive SEO software that includes five powerful and user-friendly SEO tools: KWFinder (keyword research tool), SERPChecker (SERP analysis tool), SERPWatcher (keyword rank tracking tool), LinkMiner (backlink analysis tool), and SiteProfiler (SEO website analysis tool).

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is one of Mangools’ most admirable SEO tools. It provides powerful keyword research capabilities, offering essential details for each keyword you search, such as Google Trends, Google Search Volume, Google AdWords Cost per Click, and Keyword Difficulty. Unlike many other keyword research tools, KWFinder allows for three types of lookups: Search by keyword, Search by domain, and Search by AutoComplete or Questions.

Is Mangools free?

No, Mangools is not available for free. However, they offer a free 10-day trial period. The entry plan for Mangools starts at $29 per month ($19.90 per month when paid upfront annually). This makes Mangools’ 5-in-1 SEO software significantly more affordable compared to other tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and Majestic.

Which is better, Mangools or Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an excellent tool, no doubt about it, but it comes with a higher price tag. With Mangools, you pay less than half the price of Ahrefs while still getting access to almost all of the features Ahrefs offers. It’s a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t compromise functionality.

Mangools Review: Summary

If you’re not an SEO fanatic who obsesses over every aspect of Google algorithms and anchor text ratios, Mangools is the perfect tool for you.

Mangools SEO tools are ideal for bloggers and small businesses, offering a user-friendly dashboard and a clean interface that makes it incredibly easy to navigate. Even if you’re new to SEO tools, you’ll quickly become a pro within minutes.

Whether you’re an SEO expert or a beginner, this tool is essential if you want to dominate your niche in search engine rankings.

The best part is that Mangools is significantly more affordable than other SEO software options in the market, such as Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, and Semrush. You get all the powerful features without breaking the bank.

Disclaimer: This Mangools review page contains several affiliate links which I receive a small % of the sale if you buy something. This is at no additional cost to you (sometimes you can even get a discount). I do my best and review only products and services that I think are really worth your attention.