Serpstat Review 2023: Bang for Your Buck or Just a Bust?

Serpstat Review - Google ranking software, Comprehensive SEO Analysis and Optimization Tool

Picture Serpstat as a Swiss Army knife of SEO tools – it has everything you could possibly need and more! Throughout this Serpstat review, I’ll be your tour guide, leading you through the dazzling landscape of pros, cons, and ‘hmm, interesting’ points that will help you decide if Serpstat should be your next digital partner-in-crime.

Serpstat is like the pocket-sized genie that just keeps granting wishes. It has a plethora of capabilities that could potentially supercharge your business and polish your online presence until it shines brighter than a disco ball.

This tool isn’t just beneficial for your website, it’s like a digital vitamin shot. With a range of features as long as a grocery shopping list, the crown jewel is undeniably the website analysis. This handy feature lets you track your website’s ranking, syncing it with your keyword research and implementation. It’s like having a personal trainer for your website, helping you bulk up your online presence one feature at a time.

Serpstat Review

If you’re a card-carrying member of the digital marketing world, you already know the importance of having a reliable SEO tool in your arsenal. It’s like having a magic wand that simplifies your life. The Hogwarts of SEO tools boasts some pretty big names – Mangools, SEMRush, MOZ, Ahrefs, Majestic, SpyFu, and SEO PowerSuite, to name a few.

These tools have been strutting their stuff for about a decade and a half. Majestic, for example, came onto the scene in 2004, followed by SEMRush in 2008, Ahrefs in 2011, and then, cue the drumroll, Serpstat in 2013.

Serpstat dashboard

It’s hard for a newbie to make a splash in a pool filled with seasoned swimmers. However, like the plucky underdog in a sports movie, Serpstat has carved out a successful niche for itself in the world of digital marketing. It’s the scrappy, lovable newcomer that could. And despite having a price tag that won’t require you to sell a kidney, there’s absolutely no skimping on the quality and efficiency of the tool.

So buckle up as we delve into the nitty-gritty of this Serpstat review, exploring the pros and cons, and checking under the hood to see what makes this tool tick. Even though Serpstat is constantly evolving and adding new features, like a shape-shifting robot, I’ll give you an unbiased snapshot of its current state. So read on, and let’s find out if Serpstat is the real deal or just another one-hit-wonder.

What does Serpstat do exactly?

Think of Serpstat as your digital Swiss Army knife, or maybe even your very own SEO superhero, complete with cape and superpowers. Its playground includes content marketing, search analytics, SEO, PPC, and more, making it an all-in-one tool that any SEO professional would be proud to include in their utility belt.

From advanced features that would make a tech nerd’s heart flutter, to basic ones that are as essential as a good cup of coffee on a Monday morning, Serpstat has all the tools you need to pump some serious SEO iron.

It flexes its muscles with features such as backlink analysis, keyword research, website analysis, URL analysis, and rank tracking, to name just a few. It’s like having a Swiss chocolate box of features, there’s something delicious for everyone.

Serpstat features

But wait, you might say, don’t all SEO tools have these features? Well, yes, they do! But here’s where Serpstat takes the cake (and eats it too). Let’s dive into the features to see what makes Serpstat the unique, standout character in the sometimes monotonous soap opera of digital marketing tools.

Serpstat Review: How does Serpstat work?

Imagine Serpstat as a giant toolbox. But instead of hammers and wrenches, it’s packed to the brim with a myriad of SEO features. What sets Serpstat apart from the crowd is its insatiable appetite for growth. It’s like a relentless gym-goer, always pushing for that extra rep, resulting in a substantial improvement in their keyword database.

Speaking of keywords, did you know Serpstat has access to over 230 Google databases? That’s like having a backstage pass to every concert in town. But let’s not dawdle. It’s time to plunge into the deep end and explore the features that make Serpstat a force to be reckoned with in the SEO world.

Serpstat Review: Website Analysis

Let’s start with a fan favorite: website analysis. With Serpstat, you can scrutinize your website against the PPC keywords ranking, denoted by the CTR of the keyword, visibility, organic traffic, and organic keywords ranking. It’s like having an X-ray vision for your website, revealing all its secrets and hidden potential.

Serpstat website analysis

With Serpstat’s website analysis, you can perform a top-to-bottom examination at both the Domain Level and the URL level – it’s like having a magnifying glass for every nook and cranny of your site.

Deep Dive into Domain-Level Website Analysis

Consider Serpstat your personal deep-sea diver, ready to plunge into the ocean of your site’s Domain Level Analysis. It evaluates your site on several aspects, like backlinks, traffic, keywords, rankings, and more. This function is like the VIP lounge of Serpstat—allowing you to access all the essential information in one spot.

Now, let’s get our hands dirty with some key terms:

  • Visibility – Think of this as your website’s social media following. The higher the number Serpstat assigns, the more reach (or followers) your website has. You can check your popularity score (aka visibility rate) over the span of a year.
  • SE Traffic – This measures the amount of organic traffic your site is receiving. Although the number is based on CTR, it might not match the number shown by your webmaster or Analytics. Nevertheless, you can still track the distribution of traffic over the months and chart your site’s growth like a proud parent.
  • Organic Keywords – This reflects the number of organic keywords influencing your website’s ranking. It’s like a report card for your keywords, helping you understand their performance. For a deeper dive into the world of keywords (volume, position, exact reach, etc.), you can explore this section of your Serpstat tool.
  • Keyword Position Distribution – This handy feature shows you how many keywords are chilling in a bucket at Serpstat. From this, you can determine which bucket is hoarding most of the traffic.
  • Pages with Highest Visibility – Curious about the star performers of your website? This feature highlights the pages that are basking in the limelight based on their traffic.
  • Competitors in Organic Search – It’s not just about you! Serpstat also delivers a snapshot of your competitors’ search base. It’s like having binoculars to keep an eye on the competition.
  • Backlink Overview – This is your backlink profile snapshot, serving as your quick reference guide to your backlink status.
  • Batch Analysis – If you want to go full Sherlock Holmes on hundreds of domains at once, batch analysis has you covered. Simply enter the domains you wish to compare, set your parameters, and voila! The most impressive part is that you can choose from around 50 search engines. So, in one click, you can concoct your entire website strategy.

As an added bonus, Serpstat allows you to filter data and create a custom view for your convenience. Alongside data analysis, Serpstat offers a nifty feature for data extraction. You can download the complete data of your website for analysis in one swift click under the Infographics tab.

Scrutinizing URL Level Analysis

Under the microscope of Serpstat’s URL Level Analysis, you’ll access data similar to the Domain Level Analysis. But wait, there’s a slight twist. While Domain Level Analysis examines the domain as a whole, URL Level Analysis gets up close and personal, analyzing each URL or page individually.

While the Domain Level Analysis allows you to compare your domain on various parameters, the URL Level Analysis lets you pit your website’s URL against others.

Not content with just offering the standard features, Serpstat goes the extra mile with the addition of ‘Missing Keywords.’ It’s like your very own digital detective, helping you discover the keywords that slipped through the cracks on your website. Based on its findings, you can add the keywords that are boosting your competitor’s ranking.

In essence, the website analysis tool offers a panoramic view of your website’s traffic and the keywords contributing to your ranking. Not only can you use this to buff up your site’s position, but it can also help you strategize and outsmart your competitors in the SEO race.

Serpstat Review: Mastering the Keyword Research Process

In the world of keyword research, Serpstat Keyword Research Tool is like a master chef, dishing up delicacies that are even more scrumptious than what other tools have on their menu. However, when you’re in the kitchen with Serpstat, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your dish is a hit.

Start by offering up the keyword, and pair it with a filter for the country, as if you’re choosing a wine to complement your meal. This technique will help you discern which keywords are a hit in specific countries. The search volume you’ll see here is akin to the crowd’s applause — it’s almost comparable to the rousing reception of Google AdWords, so you can rely on its judgment.

Sadly, if Serpstat were a superhero, its Achilles’ heel would be the keyword difficulty. But never fear! Even though it’s not invincible in this area, it can still offer you a solid foundation when you’re plotting your strategy for world (read: website) domination.

Serpstat Keyword Research Tool

For your main course, you can opt for organic and related keywords. This veritable feast offers more options than any other tool’s banquet, and Serpstat keeps adding to the spread regularly.

Additionally, there’s a side dish of ad keywords on offer. So, if you’re looking to rake in some revenue via ads, these are the ingredients to add to your website.

Serpstat has also invited Google Trends to the party in the keyword research section. Here, you can see the rise and fall of keyword trends over the years, like watching the tides ebb and flow.

But wait, there’s more! Serpstat also serves up intel on your competitors’ ranking for the same keywords, complete with a side analysis. This includes the backlinks they’ve created and the total number of referring domains.

Serpstat filters

One of the most impressive dishes in the keyword research course is the provision of a list of your top competitors, along with the keywords they’re targeting and the visibility they’ve achieved in the traffic stakes. This comprehensive data is presented like a beautifully plated dish, graphically illustrating the status of your competition.

Another gourmet offering from the keyword research menu is the Search Question Feature. Here, you can view all the interrogative search suggestions for your chosen keyword — think of them as tantalizing canapés that should be included in your overall keyword strategy to boost your LSI keywords and increase your chance of being featured in question-related searches.

If your palate leans more towards keyword research tools, I would also recommend you sample KWFinder by Mangools.

Serpstat Review: The Backlink Analysis Tool – Serpstat’s Very Own Sherlock Holmes

The Backlink Analysis tool is Serpstat’s own Sherlock Holmes, providing you with an expansive overview of your competitors’ backlink profiles. And it comes with its own version of Dr. Watson:

  • Referring Domains – These are all the domains out there that are pointing their metaphorical fingers at a specific website, saying, ‘Hey, look over here!’
  • Referring Pages – Just like the scene of a crime, this gives you a snapshot of the referring pages.

But it’s not just about who’s pointing where; it’s also about the details of the dofollow and nofollow links, the rise and fall of backlinks, and the types of domain linking (.edu or .org, etc.) that are part of the plot.

Serpstat backlinks

You can also discover the anchor list, together with the ratio of anchor usages. It’s like having a secret decoder ring that tells you if your backlink profile is the real deal and playing by Google’s rules.

One of the star features of this tool is its graphical representation of data, which is like having your very own mind palace. You can ponder over this data over a considerable timeframe. Moreover, it unveils the total social shares—a feature that other tools seem to have forgotten to invite to the party.

For a closer inspection of your internal backlink analysis, you can select the ‘top pages list’ to see the backlink profile of these pages. This profile can then be duplicated for other business pages that haven’t made it to the ranking yet. In the end, Serpstat’s Backlink Analysis tool lets you snoop on your competitors’ backlink strategy like the SEO detective you are.

Serpstat Review: Rank Tracker – Your SEO GPS

Think of the Serpstat Rank Tracker feature as your SEO GPS, guiding you through the winding streets of local and global, mobile, and desktop search results – in real-time, no less!

Peek into the Keywords report of this SEO tool’s rank checker, and you’ll find basic information about the positions of the project for added keywords. You’ll see indicators such as Average Position, SERP Storm, a Graph of position distribution by ranges, Positions, and even History graphs. It’s like getting a full 360-degree view of your SEO landscape!

Serpstat's rank tracking tool

But Serpstat is no one-trick pony. It features a unique filtering option that lets you zoom in on separate pages and even categories. Pair that with the monitoring data of your competitors, and you’ve got yourself some valuable insights.

Track your site’s positions for any given keyword, and let the Serpstat Rank Tracking tool monitor positions, not just in organic but also in contextual advertising. Throw in the keywords that you and your competitors use for paid ads to your project and watch those daily updates roll in.

You can also read this blog post featuring the best (in my opinion) Google ranking software tools for 2023.

Serpstat Review: Site Audit – Your SEO Health Checker

Serpstat’s ‘Site audit‘ feature is like having a dedicated SEO health checker. It gives users the ability to inspect a given page for all kinds of technical snafus.

Serpstat's site audit feature

This feature lets you conduct technical monitoring on your site and web pages, unearth factors impacting your page’s ranking, and provide various recommendations to mend them. It’s like having your very own SEO doctor on call!

With this tool, you can practically get an instant analysis of any web page. It’s like a sprinter, running faster than any full-site scanning process. As a result, you can identify pages that are the MVPs in traffic contribution and pages that have recently updated their game. From a competitive perspective, this tool can be the game-changer you need in your SEO arsenal.

Serpstat Review: AI Content Generation and Analysis

Ever wish you could automate the tedious aspects of content creation and analysis? With Serpstat, you get a genie in the form of its AI Content Generation and Analysis tools. Powered by the magic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they accelerate the content creation processes like never before. The future is here, and boy, is it efficient!

With Serpstat, generating meta tags, whipping up engaging articles, and checking grammar and spelling become as easy as pie. But wait, there’s more! The AI tools don’t just stop there – they efficiently highlight critical insights from competitor texts to give you the competitive edge you’ve always desired.

Article generation

They’re designed to be your secret weapon in the war for website traffic. Offering a plethora of functionalities, from creating unique high-quality content to extracting text from videos, generating catchy ads, and even rewriting texts automatically. These tools are the Swiss army knife for the modern content marketer.

But who can take advantage of these futuristic tools? If you’re a writer, content marketer, editor, SMM manager, PR specialist, SEO or PPC specialist, part of a marketing agency, or run a small or large business, congratulations! These tools were made for you.

Social media generation

In the hands of the right individual, Serpstat’s AI Content Tools can be a game-changer. They’re like having a 24/7 digital marketing assistant, tirelessly working to optimize your online presence and engagement.

All said and done, the only thing these AI tools can’t do is make you a cup of coffee. For that, you’re on your own, my friends! But who knows, perhaps that’s in the next update? Stay tuned!

Serpstat Review: Keyword Clustering

Imagine keyword clustering as the maestro orchestrating your website’s symphony, each keyword representing an instrument playing in perfect harmony. This key process integrates your diligent industry research, relevant keyword collection, and competitive analysis, harmonizing all your efforts.

The subsequent vital step, often referred to as ‘keyword mapping‘, is the grand ensemble. It scatters your keywords strategically, fueling the SEO performance and making your website as user-friendly as a catchy tune. This process ensures that the painstaking effort of finding the right keywords strikes the perfect chord.

Serpstat Review: Team Management Mode

Serpstat’s Team Management Mode is like the stage manager in a theatre production. Initially, it focused on tracking users’ tasks, distributing limits, and setting up teams. Over time, Serpstat took the drama out of managing a team with a new script that included a team statistics tab. This new plot twist brought together tracking team history and task progression.

Serpstat's team management mode

The revised version plays out with additional features like:

  • The flexibility to distribute limits either automatically or manually – a hands-on approach to the sharing of roles.
  • A user dashboard replete with project statistics for each team member – a clear view of the entire performance.
  • The capacity to monitor all team members’ activities based on the module, data, and actions – keeping everyone on their lines.
  • Ultimately, the revised version empowers the manager to effectively direct the team and avoid any stage mishaps.

Serpstat Review: Local SEO Tool – Your Ticket to Enhance Online Reputation and Drive Customer Acquisition

Indeed, this Serpstat review would be incomplete without giving due attention to one of its standout features – the Local SEO Tool. Here’s an add-on that’s specially designed to take your business’ online visibility to the next level. It’s like a secret weapon to attract new customers and hike up organic traffic while letting you jostle with the leaders in your niche.

So, who stands to benefit from the Local SEO tools? Simple. Anyone focused on building a trustworthy reputation for a brand. Whether you’re a small or large business, offline or online, the Local SEO tools are your trusted allies. For business owners, CEOs, social media managers, PR managers, and brand managers: this feature is your new best friend! With it, you can effortlessly track and manage all reviews, keep current with business updates, check statistics, and even schedule social posts, among other things.

Local SEO graphs

Wondering what exactly the Local SEO package contains? Well, it’s essentially your operational control center for various directories, including but not limited to GMB, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Uber, and many others. It’s your one-stop shop for accessing all available listing directories in your business location.

Perhaps, one of the most exciting features is the ability to edit profiles for more than 20 directories simultaneously. Yes, you heard it right. No more wasting time on adding and editing business information to each directory separately. Plus, the tool also allows you to reply to reviews, publish pictures, and track the dynamics of clicks and impressions.

In a nutshell, the Local SEO tool is the superhero you didn’t know you needed. Now, managing your online reputation and attracting new customers will feel as breezy as a walk in the park!

How Much Does Serpstat Cost?

The cost is one of the pivotal factors that could give anyone an intermission.

Serpstat pulls the curtain at $59/month ($50 for an annual subscription) for its plans. Moreover, it puts a spotlight on a free trial option that allows you to test the tool for a limited period without shelling out a penny.

Serpstat plans and pricing

Many alternatives to Serpstat may make you feel like you’re paying for front-row seats at a Broadway show. However, with Serpstat, it’s more of a quality matinee price, considering what it offers. The Lite plan stands as the best pick for SEO individuals, freelancers, and small-to-medium businesses on a budget. It’s like getting a great show without the Broadway price tag.

Pros & Cons

Here, we’ll dissect the benefits and drawbacks of deploying Serpstat.


  • It’s a veritable Swiss army knife for SEO, loaded with all the tools you need.
  • The detailed and comprehensive analytics information provided by Serpstat is akin to a treasure map guiding your digital journey.
  • Unique features not found in other digital marketing tools are part of its repertoire. These include Missing Keywords, Search Question Feature, and Team Management.
  • A free trial is akin to a test drive, giving you a feel for the tool before you make an investment.
  • It signals social media’s impact on keywords.
  • It serves comprehensive reports with visualizations akin to a detailed roadmap for your digital journey.


  • If your website is a vast metropolis of pages, Serpstat’s site audit could feel like an arduous cross-country journey compared to other tools.
  • Occasionally, the keyword difficulty feature may feel like a faulty compass, showing less accurate results.


Serpstat is like a well-rounded Swiss army knife, boasting features that render it an ideal choice for any SEO or Digital Marketing professional. Overall, Serpstat stands as a sturdy SEO tool. It presents all the features you’d anticipate from a comprehensive SEO software suite and is priced competitively in comparison to its main rivals.

If you’re considering taking Serpstat for a spin, the chances are you’ll return from the journey far from disappointed.

Disclaimer: This Serpstat review page contains several affiliate links which I receive a small % of the sale if you buy something. This is at no additional cost to you (sometimes you can even get a discount). I do my best and review only products and services that I think are really worth your attention.